Case Study

Wordpress Performance Optimization

Our friends at have a common Wordpress setup. The problem: The site was SLOW!

Customers noticed - but SheBoot felt stuck, worrying a fix would require an expensive site rebuild.

Stack: Wordpress, Elementor, Custom theme, Standard hosting package.

The following study shares how ONIK found and fixed key performance problems for between January 2nd and January 5th. The results are impressive and easy to see.

Speed increase (2.5 to 0.025 second load time)
Performance and Core Web Vital scores (from 40 to 90 / 100)
Efficiently optimized existing site
Additional costs or subscriptions

Speed and Stability

Measure, Improve, Repeat

Monitoring allowed us to see the impact of performance optimizations instantly and alerted us if a change had a negative impact. was optimized in a few sessions between January 2nd and January 5th.

Slow response times disappeared.
Improvements to caching reduced response times from 2.5 seconds to 0.025 seconds.
Mistakes happen.
Monitoring protects us from mistakes, letting us know if a change has a negative impact, allowing us to quickly revert.
Performance audits soared.
Image optimization, theme tuning, and asset minification improved core web vital and performance scores from 40 to 90 / 100.
Product screenshot is fast! The team at ONIK are friendly, knowledgeable, and optimizing our existing site was inexpensive compared to the alternatives. We use monitoring to make sure our site remains fast as we launch our next bootcamp.

Julia Elvidge
Chair and Co-Founder,

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