About ONIK

Everyone deserves fast and reliable websites

Today's website platforms make it easy to build an awesome website or online store. Many DIY'ers do! You no longer need a technical expert to launch a site!

But things can go wrong, and they do. And if something breaks down, how long does it take you to find out? Who finds the problem first?

Our experienced team has built and operated many top performing websites and we know that Monitoring is a crucial ingredient. But we still see many websites which don't monitor - we know because we see lots of sites which are broken, and with problems which are easy to fix. This makes us sad.

We built ONIK

1. Make monitoring so simple you actually do it

  • Easy to Setup. No technical experience, plugins, or configuration required.
  • Easy to understand reports, suggestions, and alerts

2. What gets measured gets done

  • Optimization happens when you measure and improve
  • Accountability: Know your agency, internal team, intern, or neighbor got it right!

3. Protect time and money

  • Find and Fix problems quickly to reduce the negative impact, cost, and prevent lost opportunity
  • Enable your team to move faster by knowing there is a safety net

4. Approachable and Friendly Technical Expertise

  • Share our knowledge, Provide Training, and help individuals and teams improve
  • Don't let customers get stuck - Get hands on where necessary

ONIK's Leadership

Rob Villeneuve

Rob Villeneuve

Rob studied computer science and is a software developer turned Leader and CEO. And back!

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Jeremy Francis

Jeremy Francis

Jeremy studied Business Management and brings over 20 years of leadership across tech and retail.

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