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How your site’s health impacts marketing

Funnel Reboot with GLENN SCHMELZLE - April 24, 2024

Those of us in the digital economy think a lot about growing our business, but we don’t think as much about the tech that enables customers to interact with our business. When our sites don’t run smoothly or aren’t available, our customers suffer and it stops working as our sales and marketing engine. Terms for these episodes: the site crashed or it croaked, give us a perception that sites are either alive and well or completely dead, when its health really resembles our own human health. Meaning, a website can give off warning signs that can be diagnosed and treated before anything really bad happens. It doesn’t take invasive tools to catch these; monitoring services that run without any special site access can detect issues. These tools that take a site’s pulse are also good to gauge the site’s fitness – its ability to handle business growth.

Let’s dive in.